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NEW VALMAR is responsible for the information it obtains from its customers and suppliers. In this disclaimer, you will read in detail what we do to protect your privacy, how you have at any time say and what checks are carried out in strict compliance with the rules hereafter


This charter applies to all communications (by mail, telephone, mobile, email) NEW VALMAR and its subsidiaries

1. Managing data files

All personal information is managed by NEW VALMAR, Bunstraat 104 to 9440 Evergem. Only the head of the Department of customers and the manager have access to the information people.

We will not sell or rent out our mailing list to external address managers. We treat your data as confidential information. The information that we collect of our customers are treated as declared by the Commission for the Protection of Personal life atmosphere in Belgium.

For the processing of our data information we rely on an external processor which we have concluded an agreement in which it undertakes Your information regarded as confidential information.

2. What data are processed?

2.1. Private customers

a / personal data:

- Contact information such as address, email address, telephone, mobile, fax;
- Other data such as your occupation, interests etc.;

We collect this information through:

* A match on our website
* surveys
* Sales Account

All personal records are kept in our customer list. When we write down your personal information in our files you will be informed accordingly. We will give you the opportunity to look after your data, correct, change, or delete at any time.

b / purchase details

2.2. Professional clients and prospects

a / a / Personal data:

- Contact information such as address, email address, telephone, mobile, fax;
- Associates, partners in the business, employees
- VAT number and company number
- Interest in our products or services

To actively acquire new customers, we not only keep the data on your company in which you provide to us, but we also collect data through external channels, including external mailing lists. Every time we that we change or use this data, we will let you know accordingly. You will then have the option to check your data, correct, change or they no longer use.

All personal records are kept in our database. When we write down your personal information in our files you will be informed accordingly. You will always can look after your data, correct, modify or delete. When we click through you will be informed about your purchase details or click amount.

3. Internet

During your internet visit we will save some settings in the so-called "cookies". These are pieces of information that are placed on your hard drive when you visit our website. Our website uses various types of "cookies":

* "Cookies" to start a conversation between you and our site. They are needed to correct our site work and disappear after your visit to our site.
* "Cookies" to enhance your surfing comfort such as language and personal code.

4. The purpose of the collection of data

Once we have recorded your information in our database, you will receive regular information about us at home by post or by email. We only use your data to facilitate proper handling of your contract or to provide information about the products and services of our company.

5. Unsubscribe

When you can decide not to receive messages from us through any medium.

6. Exceptions

Nothing contained in these terms shall any warranty implied by also exclude or limit the law. Nothing contained in these terms shall exclude or limit our liability with respect to:
° Fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation placed by us.
° Everything that is illegal or unlawful

7. Third parties

You agree that you will not submit any personal complaints personal to our represantives or employees from any disadvantage you experience also in relation to the website. Notwithstanding the preceding paragraph in these "Terms & conditions", you agree that the limitations liability of our directors, employees, agents, subsidiaries, successors, assigns and subcontractors of New Valmar.

8. Non-executable provisions

If any provision of these terms and conditions are unenforceable under the law is found or, this will not affect the other terms of this disclaimer.

9. Governing Law

This site is controlled and managed from the Belgian headquarters. You irrevocably agree that the Belgian law will be applied to your visit to the website. You consent to the jurisdiction of Belgium with respect to any dispute that may arise from your use of this channel.

10. Prudence

By using this site, you agree to all terms, exclusions and limitations of liability are reasonable.